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Christmas 2023 Opening Hours


Christmas Opening Hours


                                                                                      CHRISTMAS EVE       Sun 24th DEC  CLOSED

                                                                                      CHRISTMAS DAY      Mon 25th DEC CLOSED

                                                                                      BOXING DAY            Tues 26th DEC CLOSED

                                                                                      WEDNESDAY            27th DEC Open 10am – 2pm

                                                                                      THURSDAY              28th DEC Open 10am – 2pm   

                                                                                      FRIDAY                  29th DEC Open 10am – 2pm

                                                                                      SATURDAY              30th Dec CLOSED

                                                                                      NEW YEARS EVE       31st Dec CLOSED

                                                                                      NEW YEARS DAY       1st  JAN CLOSED 

                                                                                      TUESDAY                2nd  JAN OPEN AS NORMAL


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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The Changing Face of Britain's High Streets


On 6 December 2022 the BBC, in conjunction with Ordinance Survey, released the results of a nationwide study in to the changing face of Britain’s high streets.

Please follow this link: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-63799670

The headline issues are not surprising in that banks and large retail outlets fell in number, whilst nail bars and coffee shops rose.

‘The findings illustrate the changing face of the British High Street from a place to buy things to a place to do stuff - like get your nails done and meet friends for a coffee or a cocktail’.

So how does this affect you?  The link above allows you to enter a postcode and see how that particular locality has changed over the period from March 2020 to March 2022.

We used Bispham as an example and the data shows:

  • Beauty services: 19% increase
  • Cafes: 27% increase
  • Clothes shops: no change
  • Fast food: 9% increase
  • Pubs and bars: 16% increase
  • Restaurants: 4% decrease

This data can be used for investors, current landlords and potential tenants.

If a landlord has a unit about to become vacant they might decide to open up the floor space to provide for a café or a pub; depending on the size of the unit they might choose to leave partition walls in place to perhaps cater for a beauty salon’s consulting rooms.  The point is the data will be specific to each property and its location and floor plan.  Sometimes the obvious answer will be to do nothing and see how the market reacts.

In this example the findings would suggest a good solid area for investment in commercial property, both as a new landlord, owner occupier or tenant. 

You might say that the survey doesn’t tell you anything that you don’t already know if you are already knowledgeable about an area.  However, the St Anne’s data shows:

  • Beauty services: 2% decrease
  • Cafes: 6% decrease
  • Clothes shops: 5% increase
  • Fast food: 6% increase
  • Pubs and bars: 33% increase
  • Restaurants: 4% increase

A significant difference in cafés and pubs and bars over a 7 mile stretch of coastline might prompt an investor to think about a late night licence in St Anne’s rather than Bispham – then again we’ve seen those come and go many times before.

The findings are interesting and informative, and supplement Kays’ 70+ years of commercial property experience on The Fylde Coast.

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Complaints as airbnbs open in Blackpool's residential areas


Blackpool eveng Gazette report that Town hall chiefs are set to crack down on the growth of airbnbs in Blackpool after it was revealed there are around 500 trading in the resort.

An investigation by councillors is recommending planning enforcement powers are used more widely to control the spread of such short term lets.

Many are operating in residential areas without planning permission, with the council having to deal with a rising number of complaints.

These include noise disturbance and anti-social behaviour due to holidaymakers staying in residential areas, lack of fire safety precautions and uncollected rubbish.

There are also concerns over operators not paying the correct business rates or council tax, and of properties being incorrectly insured or mortgaged in relation to use as holiday accommodation.

A scrutiny carried out by members of the council’s tourism, economy and communities committee has made three recommendations.

Coun Fred Jackson, who chaired the inquiry, said in a report: “The issue of short term lettings is one that has grown in Blackpool in recent years andcreated significant concern for local people and businesses.

“As a scrutiny panel we have sought to understand the scale and scope of the issue within Blackpool and gain an understanding of the impact of short term lettings on our residents.”

While the resort’s hoteliers must fulfil strict regulations including some paid for licences, airbnbs are unregulated with the lack of fire safety precautions said by the report to be “of grave concern.”

Residential properties are required to have planning permission to allow change of use, but most operate without approval.

The recommendations from the scrutiny report are

To endorse the use of planning enforcement notices to address the issue of short-term lettings being operated as holiday accommodation in residential areas without the appropriate planning permission.

That the council explores the maximum use of its available powers to address the growth of airbnbs in Blackpool.

That additional resources be identified to ensure enforcement action can be taken where necessary.

Coun Gerard Walsh told a meeting of the scrutiny committee there were now around 500 airbnbs operating in Blackpool.

He said the council was missing out on around £250,000 worth of revenue due to operators failing to apply for planning permission.

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